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December 7, 2022, 11:27 am

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Student Guidelines:

It is important to be polite and considerate, and act professionally throughout the mentoring process. Remember, your mentor is a successful professional who is volunteering his or her valuable time to assist you. So please follow these guidelines, which will help you to make a good impression, as well as to get the most from your mentoring experience. The most successful entrepreneurs – as well as the best corporate professionals – have learned how to cultivate mentors at every stage of their careers. And one day, you will undoubtedly act as a mentor yourself. So take advantage of this opportunity to master mentee-mentor business skills.

Ahead of the First Meeting: Once your application is approved, we will match you with an appropriate mentor and introduce you to your mentor via email or virtually. Face to face meetings are not permitted. You should then send an introductory email to your mentor during business hours. (Not at midnight or 2 a.m.!) Identify a convenient time for your consultation. Don’t forget to agree on an appropriate length for your meeting. If your mentor would like to speak to you by phone, return phone calls promptly and be on time with commitments or meetings. If your mentor offers a specific time frame of availability, respect his/her wishes by following through.

We suggest that your first meeting be virtual. You and your mentor can decide how to proceed following the initial meeting and decide if you will meet virtually or by phone. One meeting per month is required, however more meetings are encouraged.

Once you make contact with your mentor, also follow up by sending the mentor a one-page introduction that describes:

  • Your name and, if applicable, your team member names (CIC).
  • your venture and its current status (if applicable.)
  • what type of help you think that you need.

Do your homework. Before your upcoming meeting, gather information on your mentor and his or her organization. Knowledge about your mentor’s areas of expertise or organization will help you prepare more intelligent and productive questions.

At the Meetings

Be on time for conference calls and virtual meetings. For virtual meetings, you should wear business casual attire. Be enthusiastic and engaged. Listen and take notes on the knowledge your mentor shares with you. Seriously consider all advice or suggestions you receive. It is fine to disagree with your mentor but do so in a positive manner. Additionally, the mentor acts only as an advisor. You are ultimately responsible for all the decisions you make about your venture. Make clear commitments for next steps. The mentor and mentee should agree on a few action items to prepare for the next meeting. Take time to make sure that everyone is clear about action items and next steps. Set the time and place for your next meeting. Recap the action items at the end of the meeting.

After the Meeting

At the conclusion of each meeting, thank your mentor for his or her time. Be sure to follow up every meeting with a thank you note and a recap of the action items that were agreed to. Do everything you said you would do, and on time.

Keep Expectations Reasonable

There are some common unrealistic expectations of mentors that can cause disappointment on both sides. In general, the mentor should not be expected to:

  • Provide the mentee with personal introductions to other people unless they’re comfortable doing so;
  • Spend more time on the relationship than he or she is able to give;
  • Take the lead in the relationship, setting up all meetings and driving the mentee’s career development;
  • Continue the relationship beyond the stated goal for the mentoring.

In addition, never solicit your mentor for personal business. For instance, if you are a student who works during the day as a stock broker or insurance agent, do not ask your mentor to become a client or provide you with the names of prospects.

Lastly, you can use the advice and feedback you receive from your mentor as you see fit. But neither your mentor nor Georgia Highlands College has any responsibility for your business decisions.

GHC’s Entrepreneurship Mentors Program Agreement

Please read and sign. (If there are several student members of your team, each one of you must sign.)

Eligibility of Use

The Program, or portions thereof, is available to authorized members of the GHC community, including but not limited to alumni and students, as well as other members of the GHC community authorized by the University in its sole discretion, and is subject to the terms set forth in these Terms and Conditions (the 'Policy'). Your use of the Program indicates you accept the terms set forth in this Policy and agree to abide by them. GHC reserves the right to and may in its sole discretion, from time to time, modify the Program. Your continued use of the Program, after modifications, indicates your acceptance of the modification and the applicability of the Policy to your continued use thereof.

Confidentiality of Participant Information

All participants agree to keep all contact, personal, and any additional information obtained through this Program confidential. The unauthorized sharing of personal information by mentors or mentees may be grounds for removal from the Program, though participants acknowledge that GHC shall not be responsible or liable for the unauthorized disclosure of such personal information by participants or other third parties.

Mentor Program Release from Liability Form for Students

I (we) acknowledge that Georgia Highlands College Entrepreneurship Mentors are volunteers and can provide only educational support and that they cannot make business decisions for Georgia Highlands College student entrepreneurs, and I hereby release from liability and waive all claims that I, my heirs, my successors, and assigns may have against any Georgia Highlands College mentor for any actual or claimed errors or other acts of omissions. I (we) understand that one on one, face to face meetings are not permitted and virtual meetings are the acceptable meeting modality. Georgia Highlands College may hold events where Mentors/Mentees may attend together. I further acknowledge that Georgia Highlands College does not control or direct its mentors in connection with Programs provided to entrepreneurs or their ventures, and I hereby release from liability, and waive all claims that I, my heirs, successors and assigns may have against Georgia Highlands College and its directors and officers for any actual or claimed errors or other acts of omissions of the Georgia Highlands College Entrepreneurship Mentors Program.

I acknowledge that I am voluntarily releasing my name, contact information, student status, and any further information regarding my relevant academic or volunteer experience to GHC’s Entrepreneurship Mentors Program and that this information will be shared with prospective mentors as part of the Program. Additionally, I acknowledge that I am voluntarily allowing GHC to use my image (photograph and/or video) and/or quote(s) in promotional marketing to inspire others to participate in the Mentors Program.

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